Our Story

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Here at Ant Antics we do things by the book! With so many companies trading anonymously and being hard to contact it is not easy to follow up with the support you need at all.

We thought we would change that!

Thats why with Ant Antics you get everything you need from a pet seller who is legitimate.

We give you all of the pre-sale, sale and post sale support your little 6 legged friends could need. You get a certificate of ownership with every ant (so you can remember where she is from and the date she was caught). All from people who love ants. These queens are our family and we are taking adoptions today.

Quite the Journey

To get your lovely new family member home, she will have had quite the journey,

  1. She is sourced and registered on our system with a unique number

  2. She is packed, health checked and imported into the UK

  3. Following customs verification she joins us at our partners offices where she will undergo an intensive health check for 7 days where we check for illness, mites and general condition.

  4. The queen joins us at Ant Antics and enters our isolation centre while we investigate her under a microscope 3 times over the course of a week for any problems.

  5. Once passed we make her a fresh bed and move her in to her new test tube as she waits for a loving keeper to buy her. She is fed weekly and kept in great spirit for the day she finds her new home.

Ant Antics and its associated brand is a trade mark of Ants Wales (Morgrug Cymru). For information on the use of our trademarks or to report unauthorised publications containing our imagery or name please contact us on info@antantics.co.uk



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