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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Welcome back to ANTCON for our third edition of the best place for antkeepers to meet.  We are SUPER excited to see you all return for the 2024 edition of the event we know and love.


the antcon story

Starting as a crazy concept, Antcon was created as a way to give back to the community. It is our way of thanking our customers in an exclusive, ticket restricted event where keepers can make new friends, learn something new and grab some amazing discounts on our store stock.


From little acorns Antcon grew to the most vibrant and inclusive ant-keeper event in the UK to date. We are proud to host such a diverse and fanatical experience for you wonderful humans!

Antcon is a day where we invite you into our store (our home) and let you snoop around, we entertain you with talkers, meet your most loved content creators, play games and enjoy activities. We get to socially meet once a year. Antcon is family, Antcon is home.

Features and Changes of ANTCON 2024



Ticket Tiers are gone, this is now simplified and you purchase an entry ticket with or without a T-Shirt. That's as hard as the choice gets. Easy.



Your I.D and T-Shirt is shipped to you before you arrive (UK ticketholders) so its as simple as a quick scan of your ID when you arrive to check you in. Speed is key!



A Raffle ticket is given to you as you enter the venue. When your batch is called, its your turn to grab your ants and nests. First in the queue is first to the ants.

Watch Close-up


Antcon 2024 will have activities on both the 11th and 12th May for those wishing to stay local and make a weekend of it.  Enjoy the experience for longer than ever before.



Fun and games will be as present as ever, from Antscapes to our resident bingo team you can be sure of an exciting line up of entertainment during your visit.



Returning is our Exhibit area for visitors to bring their colonies and queens to display. Will you be awarded an accreditation award for your work this year?



This year is no exception to the rule, our speakers will teach you something and get your mind working while we share in knowledge and enjoy our hobby.



2024 has more time, and with that we can launch our open mic. Visitors can register to give a talk about their topic and at random we will select and let you know if you are selected.



As you might expect, 2024 will be a little different to previous years, as we learn and grow we will mix it up and offer something new for you to enjoy.


Tickets for ANTCON 24 is a new, simplified format. We have done away with Tiers, parent tickets, pre-paid nests you don't need and all the complication. The focus of the day is your enjoyment and waiting in a queue to get items and check in does not help that.



Your entry ticket get you;

  • Entry into the event on both the 11th and 12th of May 2024

  • Personalised ID card and Lanyard sent to you by post ahead of the event to speed up check in. (UK customers only, EU visitors can collect on arrival or the day before)

  • Your purchase ticket on arrival. Numbered grouping of the shop sales will keep that queue right down and make it fair for all.

  • One ticket type for all visitors




Add a T-Shirt to your ENTRY TICKET for your very special edition, ANTCON 2024 T-Shirt (If you want one). This will also be shipped to you before the event so you can arrive in pride.

Founding members and Concierge

As always, our founding members (people who attended the first 2022 Antcon) will have their status on their T-Shirts and ID cards as well as early entry.

CONCIERGE members will likewise have a very special Concierge edition Antcon 2024 shirt and early entry too. Do not forget, as a concierge member, bringing your members card will award you an additional percentage discount on top of the already reduced Antcon prices.


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