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Every company has its recommendations, so here is ours... these are the must go places for information in the Ant-Keeping hobby.

Why can we recommend them? We recommend these creators because of their unbiased nature, they are fair and neutral offering great and honest reviews, care guides and entertainment for all of your ant-keeping needs. Many are even customers, just like you and you will see them giving you the low-down on colonies from many companies in our industry.

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Esthetic Ants

Esthetic Ants is a respected comminity member and the founder of the #wedontapproce campaign.

Tune in to his channel and learn all you need to know from this genuinely nice person. You can buy his nests on our store too!

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Ants Hood

Ants hood is a pioneer in the youtuber would for his honest reviews. No seller is safe if he is not happy and it keeps us on our toes. 

His honesty is respected and he is a great person who is friendly and very involved in the community. See him here:

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KB Ants

Kallam from KB Ants recently purchased and reviewed our service when receiving his new 4 Queen Aciculatus & Fugax colonies.

KB produces informational videos on Species as well as reviews on companies and services. Check out his Pages!

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Ryan at Ant Scapes produces great content for a topic we hold dear here at Ant Antics, naturalistic setups with eco and self sufficient qualities.

Check out his videos for all the advice you need on making a home for your ants that is as close to their natural habitat as you can make in captivity!

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Our Reviews

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Ants Britania

Ants Britania is the creator of fantastic and informative content. He is also an avid lover of our sugar snaps! as well as regular Instagram updates on one of our colonies. Drop some love.

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Rob J's Ants

Rob J recently featured us and one of our colonies on his channel. He is a very respected content creator in the hobby and if you have not already, check out his socials.

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People recommend us too, not only the people listed above but our customers are the most valuable recommendations anyone can have. See what they are saying here:


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