Collect directly from us

Why not book yourself in to come and meet some colonies, choose your queen yourself or simply grab your supplies? 

With our collection room we have a relaxed vibe within our store where you can enjoy our display colonies and get some inspiration for your own setup whilst picking our brains directly.

The Collection room (Aka Mini-shop) is open Tuesdays to Friday for you to book.


Simply make your order and select "collect in store", you can then book below and pop on down.

Colonies currently on display;

  • Carebara Diversa | 2 queen (Asian Marauder Ant)

  • Atta Mexicana (Leafcutter Ants)

  • Formica Fusca | 3 queen (Wood Ants)

  • Formica Sanguinea (Slave Maker Ants)

  • Temnothorax (Acorn Ants)

  • Leptothorax (Sociable Ants)

  • Lasius Niger (Garden Ants)

  • Camponotus Singularis

  • Yellow Crazy Ants

  • Monomorium Subopacum

  • Monomorium sp.

  • Tetramorium Bicartinum

  • Myrmica Rubra

Plus more to be added soon


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