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Before we begin:
DO NOT remove the security seal from your queens test-tube
removing this seal will void any and all warranties we provide for her arrival unless we have instructed you to remove it.


Happy Queen Guarantee - UK SALES ONLY

By law, livestock does not have any guarantee of arrival or rights of return under the Distance selling regulations in the UK. But we understand the risk involved in shipping living beings and have introduced a Guarantee for your queen (not workers) to get to you safely.

Your queen will be packed with plenty of food, comfy and warm in a cosy first class test tube. securely in a bubble wrapped box she will arrive swiftly too you. If however (and this has only ever happened a handful of times) your queen did not make the journey we will be only too happy to help you out.

Be sure to report back to us any and all concerns you may have on your queens arrival no matter how small they may seem. This way we can be aware of it within the 12 hour window and in some cases can extend our warranty.


Please note, we will only ship your queen when we feel it is safe to do so and it will not risk the safety of the colony. Therefore if your queen does not make it to you alive because of cold weather then we will honour the H.Q.G. If you really need your queen quickly then the most efficient way to get her safely is to upgrade to the heatpack shipping option which should reduce your dispatch and receiving time.

(See Below)

Return & Exchange Policy - UK SALES ONLY

Queen and colony support within our 12 hour warranty


Queens as live animals is excluded from the Distance Selling Regulations rights of return. However we have our Happy Queen Guarantee to give you protection from this. If she arrived dead here is how we will help:

There is a security seal on the end of the test tube, DO NOT BREAK THIS SEAL as it will invalidate our Happy Queen Guarantee! This is your queens number and its number matches our records and your certificate.

Your H.Q.G is valid providing:

  • Do did not miss your delivery, this is crucial... if you do she must be picked up the same day delivery was attempted. 

  • Your queen must have been delivered to physical address (Not Virtual - Virtual addresses guarantee finishes when the queen reaches her first destination)

  • You have contacted us as soon as you have concerns for your queen (within 12 hours of delivery)

  • Zoomed in on your phone to ensure she is not just cold from the trip, if her antennae move - she is all good.


You will need to:

  • Send us a clear video by email/messenger/instagram of your queen

  • Send us a clear picture of the queens tube (and of the security seal at the end)

  • If she did not make it we will ask you to return her to us (at our cost) and we will replace her and send a replacement too you. If we have no more of the species then we will refund your payment to us as credit to be placed against a new queen of your choice.

Please note, once the 12 hour window has lapsed we no longer offer a warranty of any kind on your queen. We may extend this warranty however up to 7 days providing a queen with concerns is notified to us within the 12 hour window. We reserve the right to not extend any warranty should we feel it not required.

We may also ask you to open the tube, feed her or warm her up if cold. All of these actions completed at our request does not affect your guarantee as we have instructed you to do them.

Queen and colony support outside our 12 hour warranty

Queens freshly delivered - (Within 7 days of delivery)

If you have accepted delivery of your queen (12 hours have lapsed since delivery and you have not informed us of any concerns) and you have any concerns about your colony then the best thing you can do is complete our help form located here as this will provide us with all of the information we need to help you. It is vital that you give us as much information as possible. The form also allows you to upload you pictures and videos which will help explain what you are telling us.

If your Queen dies within 7 days of delivery and you have provided the correct environment for her, we will accept her return to us at the buyers expense for 50% of her value as credit on your account. Please note that workers are excluded from this guarantee and only the queens cost without workers apply.

Older colonies - (7 days or more since delivery)

If your colony is 7 days or more past delivery and you require advice then we are here for you. Simply complete the help form here and it will save a lot of time with emails back and forth. Once completed we can then assist you.

We do not accept returns on colonies on or past 7 days with the customer as we are no longer in control of the conditions, food, quality or habitat of your colony. Sometimes, in some cases queens will not make it. We are all learning how to keep this delicate species. Try not to feel bad or sad, try again and we can help you to isolate what the cause may have been to hopefully prevent it happening again in the future.

Food Items

Sadly these items are perishable and also not covered under the Distance Selling Regulations. But do not worry, your items will be send quickly and fresh.

Non Perishable Items

In Case of; Change of heart

You can return any unused and new non-perishable and non-living items to us within 28 days of receipt for a full refund or exchange. Items must be returned at the buyers expense and can be sent to Ant Antics Ltd | Morgrug Cymru, Priory Street, Carmarthen, SA31 1LS. 

Items returned must be in a new and unused state with all relevant items intact. 

Items as part of a bundle cannot be split and must be returned as an entire bungle.

In the case of returns, if your items are in a used condition and not as-new then we reserve the right to retain the item until return shipping is paid for back to the customer.

Any refunds will be made within 3 to 5 days of receipt and all refunds will exclude the original shipping cost paid on the order. (this is because although you are returning the items you have changed your mind on, the shipping did happen and we were still charged for it)

In Case of; Faulty product

If your non-perishable item develops a fault we would not expect within usual and careful use then please contact us ASAP where we can arrange a return for you. Faulty items will be repaired or replaced at our cost. Return shipping of faulty products is covered by Ant Antics Limited.

Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy
Your privacy is important to us. It is Ant Antics' policy to respect your privacy regarding any information we may collect from you across our website, http://antantics.co.uk, and other sites we own and operate.

We only ask for personal information when we truly need it to provide a service to you. We collect it by fair and lawful means, with your knowledge and consent. We also let you know why we’re collecting it and how it will be used.

We only retain collected information for as long as necessary to provide you with your requested service. What data we store, we’ll protect within commercially acceptable means to prevent loss and theft, as well as unauthorised access, disclosure, copying, use or modification.

We don’t share any personally identifying information publicly or with third-parties, except when required to by law.

Our website may link to external sites that are not operated by us. Please be aware that we have no control over the content and practices of these sites, and cannot accept responsibility or liability for their respective privacy policies.

You are free to refuse our request for your personal information, with the understanding that we may be unable to provide you with some of your desired services.

Your continued use of our website will be regarded as acceptance of our practices around privacy and personal information. If you have any questions about how we handle user data and personal information, feel free to contact us.


VIRTUAL ADDRESSES: It is common for people to order products on the internet to Virtual Addresses. For this to be the case we require your billing information to exactly match your bank's billing details.

Our duty is complete when we receive a signature at the mail forwarders (virtual) address. Following the queens transit from said address to the customer our liability for lost, stolen and unhappy queens is forfeit by using a virtual address.

This policy is effective as of 16 June 2020.


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