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Leafcutting ants - Specialist species

Leafcutters are one of the most sought after species on the antkeepers "dream-list" but they should not be purchased without caution. Given the requirements for keeping them need to be exact there is a process to receiving / collecting your order.


Your Queen will be available for collection (or dispatch) after 7 days (or once you confirm your setup is ready)

Please note; we only ship Leafcutters to UK addresses and collections are recommended over shipping.

Leafcutter specific products & food

Ant Antics also offers leafcutter specific items which will help your leafcutter journey easier. From monitors to substrates and food we have a great selection of products and subscriptions to keep you on track with your leafcutters.

About our Leafcutters

Leafcutter Form Anchor

At Ant Antics we pride ourselves on our quality and knowledge, that's why we are working with some of the best entomologists and large colony keepers in the UK to bring you A+ colonies. 

All of our queens are imported with the approvals of the APHA and DEFRA using an industry expert to source, care and courier them to the UK and then over to us.


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