The Urban Leafcutter

Sold with 50-100 workers and a golf ball sized fungus

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All of our leafcutter colonies are from fresh queens and never dug up from the wild, a common practice which we do not approve of.


Mexicana are highly adapted to life in Central America. Typically found between Texas, Mexico and Panama they have become suited to life in the city and regularly frequent there.


Such adaption makes for a slightly easier species to keep as temperatures in urban areas can fluctuate slightly more. As such they can usually recover from slight and irregular drops.


Being highly fortified they are ants on a mission in their quest for food, the slightly darker exoskeleton makes for a slightly thicker armour to other species. Being in abundance however has its downfall for the species. Come rainy season queens are collected and used as a food source for the native populations. The delicacy means they are roasted with hot-sauce or cooked into gravy for food. We wish we could save them all though.


Mexicana will provide you or your exhibit with a fantastic colony that is well suited to a huge variety of plants from hedges to flowers and everything in between.



Age - Up to 15 years

Fully claustral - no leaves needed until first workers

Colony - 5mil to 8mil 

Temperature & Humidity

Nest 24-25 Degrees | Outworld 21 to 28 Degrees

Nest 80% to 90%

Diapause None

Polymorphic (Yes)

Queen - 25mm to 27mm

Minor - 3mm to 5mm

Media - 6mm to 16mm

Major - 17mm to 20mm




See Feeding Guide

Nest Type

Natural, Acrylic, Glass

Required; Fungus Chamber, Waste Chamber, Feeding Chamber

Atta Mexicana - Leafcutter