The night ant

Sold with 50-100 workers and a golf ball sized fungus

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Texana goes by many names, cut ant, town ant & parasol ant to name a few. But our favorite name is the "Night Ant". They aptly earn this title as they can decimate entire flower beds overnight leaving residents bewildered where their gardens went.


Found in Texas, Louisiana and northern Mexico there can be up to 2 million workers in this polygyne colony. They can have over 100 nest entrances in their 4,500sq ft nest which lurks up to 6 meters underground!


Their appetite is insatiable, an entire citrus tree can be consumed in just 24 hours. Texana are smaller that most atta species, they measure up to 14mm but remain highly polymorphic with minor, media and solider casts.


The perks of their smaller 2 million colony size and body size is that in captivity they require less space than that of their much larger cousins, all while retaining the infamous traits of the atta species.


Over 200 species of plant, fruit and ornamental tree are fair pickings for Texana. It might be the cause of them being considered an agricultural pest in the USA/Mexico. However this varied diet will help in their food supply.


Queen Age

Up to 15 years

Colony Size

Up to 2mil / Queen

Temperature & Humidity

Nest 24 Degrees | Outworld 21 to 28 Degrees

Nest 80% to 90%



Polymorphic (Yes)

Queen - 17mm to 18mm

Minor - 2mm to 3mm

Media - 4mm to 10mm

Major - 10mm to 14mm




See Feeding Guide

Nest Type

Natural, Acrylic, Glass

Required; Fungus Chamber, Waste Chamber, Feeding Chamber


Texana seemingly favour either a natural setup or a plaster base and 2cm sand layer. Hydroballs can be used but are not favoured.

Atta Texana - Leafcutter

  • Our legal duty requires us to keep a record of this species. We will store your details for APHA and DEFRA as proof of where the colony went in our recordkeeping. 

    It is illegal to release this colony into the wild in the UK, if you can no longer care for your colony please contact us immediately.

  • Make sure you set up your habitat and have it stable before delivery of your colony. To ensure this we will not ship any queen purchased without prior notification that your housing has been arranged and stable for a minimum of 2 days.

    The order process is as follows;

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