The Black Garden ant - Lasius Niger

"The Garden Ant"



Do not be fooled by their small, slender, dark brown/black coloured appearence.  As these ants are ruthless and typically associated with very numerous and large colonies. You will have seen them when you disturb a paving slab.


Found in gardens or nearby parks. Hence, their name "Garden ant". This species is well adapted to founding their colonies in both urban and rural areas, making her a very succesful critter.


It was this species that made it to the grand age of 30 years old in a study too, so with care you can take her through you life without saying "goodbye" in a short time.


Here in the UK, dropping an icecream or leaving something sweet outside makes ants come from everywhere and cover it. It is the Lasius Niger that is there, establishing fast trails to sweet foods. Their love of sweet things comes from their natural ability to "farm" aphids, these little bugs that feed on plant stems will have Nigers protecting them to "milk" them for their sweet hondeydew secretions.


They are a generally fierce warriors in the ant world. Not scared to take on insects or other ants bigger than them and renowned for their famous pre nuptial wars. Thats right! these ants wage wars on neighbouring colonies in a bid to gain extra protein before mating season. 


This Species of ant that is very suitable for beginners,  In terms of growth they are quite fast to develop once the colony reaches 20 workers and over. In the ant keeping hobby, these are one of the most common starter species as they are relatively small, active and harmless to humans. Due to the nature of their natural environment, these ants are mainly active throughout the year but need to himbernate from Early November through to Mid March.


Colony Size

Up to 8,000 workers

Queen Age

Up to 30 years


Room Temperature 18 to 22 degrees


Yes - November to March

Polymorphic (Different size casts)







Insects, Sugars, Carbs

Nest Type

Acrylic, Sand, Earth, Ytong, Plaster, Glass


Queen - 8mm-9mm

Worker - 3mm-5mm 


Egg to Adult Worker - 6 to 8 weeks



Black Garden Ant - Lasius Niger

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  • Although you can release this species into the wild in the UK, it will be difficult and stressful for the ants to re-establish in the wild. Rather than letting them go, contact us and we can take them back for free.