Camponotus Flavomarginatus - Intermediate


Flavomarginatus (Flavo) are a one of the most beautiful species of ant, in Africa and are held highly with some of the most striking on the African continent. They boast a shimmering metallic black body which gives a gold/bronze shimmer in different lights.


Found in dry forests they preferably dig their nests under stones or in dry wood found along the deserts edge where fallen trees meet the dry soil. They stand out wonderfully in a Savanna setting and can be found frequenting moss or grass vegetation in the area.


Flavo do not hibernate, although they have a biological rythem which causes them to rest in the summer months from June through to the end of august. This is so a colony does not spend excess energy on brood or feeding in the hottest African months.


As with all Carpenters they are perfectly capable of defending themselves and do so with some powerful mandibles. They are highly aggressive when defending their nest, as you would expect in the race for cool in the heat.


Although capable fighters they prefer to send out scouts in search for food which is dead or injured. By scavenging "easy prey" the colony does not over use energy. As well as insects and small flies Flavo love honeydew from aphids and get a large amount of their carbs from fallen fruits.


Colony Size

Up to 10,000 workers


Age - Up to 20 years

Fully Claustral - No food until first workers

Monogyne (single Queen per colony)

Temperature & Humidity

Nest: 24 to 28 degrees | 23 to 30 degrees in Outworld

50% to 60% in Nest | 30% to 50% in Outworld



Polymorphic (Different size casts)

Yes - Very polymorphic with Minor, Media and Major workers.

Sting | Bite

No | Yes - Majors can Pinch


Protein, Lots of Sugars, Lots of Water

Nest Type

Natural, Acrylic, Sand, Earth, Glass, Plaster, Ytong


Queen - 13mm

Worker - 6mm

Major - 11mm to 13mm


Egg to Adult Worker - 8 to 10 weeks



Camponotus Flavomarginatus - Carpenter

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  • It is illegal to release this colony into the wild in the UK, if you can no longer care for your colony please contact us immediately.

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