Camponotus Herculeanus - Beginner

"The Large Northern European Carpenter"


Herculeanus are in many ways similar to the Ligniperda with the exception they are mostly found in Northern Europe and at least 300 meters above sea level. They also have an all black gaster and are dull in colour vs the Ligniperda.


These ants belong to some of the the largest carpenter ants in Europe and the beautiful deep purples under light make them a delight to watch. Typically making their homes in trees or dead wood, their ideal habitat is on the edges of the deciduous forests of central Europe. They can sometimes frequent open spaces too where they dig their nest under a stone deep into the ground.


Large and powerful, Herculeanus take a fairly long time to establish, taking up to 12 weeks for a brood hatch you will need patience to observe them. Once established they make for great entertainment with their boisterous charm. As with all Carpenters they are perfectly capable of defending themselves and do so with some powerful mandibles. However, they are avid aggressors too. They will show dominance with their aggression against other camponotus colonies and even Formica colonies. Their size means that its light work splitting an enemy in half.


Herculeanus are highly polymorphic offering extremely diverse worker casts with Minor, Media and Major's.


Colony Size

5,000-8,000 workers

Slow growing species.


Age Up to 25 years

Fully Claustral - No food until first workers

Monogyne (single Queen per colony)




21 to 24 degrees


Yes - October through March at 5 to 10 degrees.

Polymorphic (Different size casts)

Yes - Very polymorphic with Minor, Media and Major workers.




Yes - Majors can pinch


Protein, Lots of Sugars, Lots of Water.

Large ants are always very hungry.

Nest Type

Natural, Acrylic, Sand, Earth, Glass, Plaster. (These ants can chew through Ytong and Wood, caution in housing is needed.


Queen - 13mm-15mm

Worker - 6mm-11mm

Major - 11mm-13mm


Egg to Adult Worker - 8 to 10 weeks



Camponotus Herculeanus - Carpenter

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  • It is illegal to release this colony into the wild in the UK, if you can no longer care for your colony please contact us immediately.

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