A Carpenter species - (Heat Required)

Among the Largest Camponotus in the USA 

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If you are looking for a species which is striking and large then the Sansabeanus is perfect for you. They are beautiful and majors are extremely distinctive with deep black head and amber thorax & gaster.


Sansabeanus are found in semi-desert climates, often however and more often they are found in Cedar forests from Texas to Mexico. They will almost always be nesting under stones, deep in the ground or under dead tree root systems.


As with most camponotus they are very passive in their approach to life, they will defend until the end and not usually look for trouble. Being nocturnal they will venture out of the nest at night looking for small insects, they days dead as well as sugar. they really love sugar!


Aphids are a great source of sugar both above ground and underground. This could be one of the reasons they nest deep underground in Pinyon-Cedar forests so often, the deep roots are perfect for aphid farming.


As mentioned they are primarily a non confrontational species of carpenter, choosing to feast on smaller insects and larger ones if they find them already deceased. In captivity ideal sources are fruit-flies, fly larvae, crickets e.t.c.


Carpenter ants are also known by the name "Sugar Ants", this is very much true, with sweet nectar they will fill their gaster as full as possible creating some beautiful translucent bands.


In the wild colonies can grow to between 3000 and 4500 workers. Once they reach a colony size of 20 plus workers you can take your breath and enjoy them, they become stable quickly at 20 and will develop nicely.



Age - Up to 15 years (estimated)

Monogyne - One queen per nest

Fully Claustral - No food until first workers

Temperature & Humidity

Nest 24 to 28 Degrees | Outworld 25 to 30 Degrees

Nest 45% to 60% | Outworld 30% to 60%

Diapause / Hibernation


Polymorphic (Yes)

Minor Worker - 7mm to 14mm

Major Worker - 14mm to 17mm


They will bite if threatened


Sugars, Proteins (small insects like fruit flies and fly larvae)

Always ensure a constant fresh water supply is provided

Nest Type

Natural, Acrylic, Ytong, Earth, Glass


Egg to Adult Worker - 8 to 12 weeks

Camponotus Sansabeanus - Carpenter

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