Solenopsis Fugax - The Thief Ant - Advanced Species


Fugax are a similar species to the Solenopsis Geminata with the exception that they are smaller and have adapted to European climates enabling hibernation.


They are fast, hyper aggressive ants and grow at an incredible rate. Being polygynous means colonies have multiple queens and can reach 100k workers with ease.


Being thief ants Fugax are advised to be kept by experienced keepers because they are quick, they sting and in the wild they raid enemy nests to steal food and brood to eat for themselves. This is usually done by their own small tunnel dug into the enemies nest. Their tunnel is too small for the foreign species to navigate but offers easy access for Fugax to raid.


Given this behaviour Fugax will constantly be looking for weaknesses in your barrier and trying to escape to find other nests and brood to raid.


Their high drive and activity however makes for hours of fun enjoyment but be careful as a colony with a way out will attack and steal from your other colonies.


This species stings, in comparison it is around the potency of a mild nettle. However each ant can sting multiple times in quick succession so caution in handling is advised.


Colony Size

Up to 10,000 workers per queen.

Queen is claustral - No food while founding.


Age 10 to 17 years (est.)

Polygyne (Can have multiple queens)




Heated 21 to 28 degrees


Yes - Nov to Late March at 10-15 degrees


Yes - Venemous sting, individually like a stinging nettle, in mass... painful.


They Try


Lots of Proteins, Sugars & Water.

Nest Type

Natural, Acrylic, Sand, Ytong, Earth, Glass.


Queen 6--7mm

Worker - 1.5-3mm

Polymorphic - No


Egg to Adult Worker - 5 to 9 weeks



Solenopsis Fugax - TheThief Ant

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  • Although you can release this species into the wild in the UK, it will be difficult and stressful for the ants to re-establish in the wild. Rather than letting them go, contact us and we can take them back for free.

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