Formica Cinerea - The Ash Grey Field Runner

Intermediate (Because of speed and formic acid)


This ash grey beauty is a formidable and fast species. Thriving throughout several continents they lay their victory to their aggressive and predatory nature.


Vast in numbers a single queen can produce up to 10,000 workers, but this species is polygyne and with multiple queens their daughters can overwhelm prey and bring back enough protein to feed the colony with ease. They love a range of habitats, primarily open spaces like fields and especially sand. However, they are not limited to these areas and their adaptability helps them in not only their European dominance but that of Russia, Asia and the Middle East alike.


Generally unprovoked, you can enjoy this docile species and their beautiful colourings with ease. Aggravated they can rally and recruit extremely quickly with their mass call pheromone and rapid speeds. As with other Formica, they spray formic acid. Be careful in your enclosures and allow ventilation as a colony of Cinerea will quickly fill their outworld with Acid if angry.


Enjoy this species and their shiny grey colour, they will provide you with hours of entertainment as they work together to eat whatever meal you place in their outworld.


They hibernate between November and March.

CAUTION: This species sprays formic acid. Avoid contact with Eyes, Nose and Throat as well as any open cuts. Ventilate nest and outworld to avoid over-spray.


Colony Size

Up to 10,000 workers


Fully Claustral, no food until first workers

Age Up to 23 years


Room Temperature 21 to 25 degrees


Nest: 50-60%


Yes - November to March

Polymorphic (Different size casts)







Insects, Sugars, Carbs

Nest Type

Sand, Earth, Ytong, Plaster,


Queen - 12mm

Worker - 6mm-8mm


Egg to Adult Worker - 6 to 8 weeks



Formica Cinerea - Field Ant

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  • It is illegal to release this colony into the wild in the UK, if you can no longer care for your colony please contact us immediately.

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