Would you like to order now but delay your shipment?


This is perfect to avoid missing out on your perfect colony but holding off receiving them if you are waiting for other items to arrive like nests, heating, outworlds e.t.c.


We can hold your order for you for up to 14 days for free (well 1p, our software does not allow £0 products :( ), just make your selection in the options and let us know if you are wanting this service.


YOU CAN CANCEL AND GET FIRST AVALIBLE SHIPMENT AT ANY TIME, however if you paid us for an extension service this is not refundable.


Charges are £2.50 for each additional week past the first 2.



We will continue to care for and feed your colony, your colony may grow and be more workers than what you ordered. We will not charge you any extra if your colony hits a new price bracket from extra workers.


If you want extra time, please get in touch about our ant boarding service.

Delay My Shipment

PriceFrom £0.01