Linseed Duo.


Our lindeeds are not only organic, but they can be a hit with Harvester ants too! take a look at the seed mix when they eat from it, if you notice the linseed going down faster than the rest then we can give them a treat of exactly what they like with a 4 inch testube packed with both Golden and Brown Linseed!


Perfect for Harvester ants (or other species that also enjoy seeds).


50% Organic Golden Linseed

50% Oranic Brown Linseed


To ensure your colonies seeds do not contain any mites or other nasties, we do not use "Bird or Animal seed". Instead we use organic seeds made for human consumption.  Thats right, you can pour these on your food and enjoy them too if you feel you want too!



Linseed Duo

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  • This ensures a level of Quality that makes them mite free. We avoid "bird or animal seeds here!"