Manica Rubida - Intermediate Species - Medium in Size


Manica Rubida are one of the most active species avalible in Europe. This comes as their agression is prudent in their endeavours. Manica will attack anything in range, especially in defence of their nests. Your Manica queen will enstill one motto in her colony; "kill on sight"


Typically found in regions 500m or above sea level manica rubida are vastly populating most regions in europe. Amazingly despite a reletively long brood legnth of up to 12 weeks this does not hinder the colony growth as the queen lays many many eggs at a time.


Typically polygenous queens gather to form mass colonies during nuptials and up to 100 queens have been found in a single colony.


This fantastic and entertaining species is protein hungry, and love sugars in the form of Aphids and Fruits primarily. They will entertain you for days on end watching them. Manica have a very "boss" style walk that displays their dominion over their territory.


This species stings, in comparison it is around the potency of a stinging nettle. However each ant can sting multiple times in quick succession so caution in handling is advised.


Colony Size

Up to 1,000 workers per queen.

Queen is semi claustral - requires food twice weekly in founding.

Queen Age

10 to 15 years (est.)

Secondary Polygene (Mature colonies can take on extra queens)


Heated 21 to 25 degrees


Yes - Nov to Feb at 10-15 degrees

Polymorphic (Different size casts)



Yes - Venemous sting, individually like a stinging nettle, in mass... painful.




Lots of Proteins, Sugars & Water.

Nest Type

Natural, Acrylic, Sand, Ytong, Earth, Glass. 


Queen - 9-13mm

Worker - 6-9mm

Polymorphic - No


Egg to Adult Worker - 8 to 12 weeks

Sexually Mature Colony

800+ Workers



Manica Rubida - EU Fire Ants

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  • It is illegal to release this colony into the wild in the UK, if you can no longer care for your colony please contact us immediately.

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