Messor Wasmanni - Beginner Species - Medium in Size

The Burgundy Harvester  (Heat may be required)


The Messor Wasmanni is a nice variation of harvester which has a deep purple / burgundy thorax under light. This species is slightly smaller than the popular barbarus but once established has a very different look and behaviour.


Found in the most southern parts of Europe, our Wasmanni is sourced in Greece but they span all the way to norther Africa and the middle east too. They love higher temperatures of 25-30 degrees and are typically found in arid environments.


In addition to being pretty ants they are also almost entirely grainivorous. They primarily and almost exclusively eat seeds and grains with very little need for additional protein. Wasmanni have been noted as only taking insects if one poses a threat on a trail or a dead one is found.


Harvested seeds are eaten by the ants, using the large Majors jaws to de-shell them. They are then chewed into a protein rich food source known as "ant-bread". It is this ant-bread Wasmanni get 95% of their nutrients from.


Wasmanni are also Polymorphic. They will produce larger majors who can split the toughest of shells and defend the colony.


Harvesters make great beginner species. It is worth noting however that they do require a humidity gradient to store seeds in a dry section of the nest. They are also prone to drowning, open water sources should be avoided in favour of ones which use mesh or cotton.


Colony Size

Excess of 10,000 workers

Slow growth until 30 to 50 workers

Queen Age

Up to 28 years

Monogyne (One Queen per nest)

Fully Claustral - no food until first workers

Temperature & Humidity

22 to 26 degrees nest | 25 to 30 outworld

50% to 70% Nest (Lower for seed store) | 30% to 50% outworld


Yes - November to March at 11-15 degrees

Polymorphic (Different size casts)







Seeds, Nuts, Grains, Occasional Sugar, Occasional extra protein.

Nest Type

Natural, Acrylic, Sand, Earth, Glass


Queen - 11mm-14mm

Worker - 4mm-8mm

Major - 9mm-11mm 


Egg to Adult Worker - 8 to 10 weeks

Messor Wasmanni - Harvester

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  • It is illegal to release this colony into the wild in the UK, if you can no longer care for your colony please contact us immediately.