Organic Dried Flowers.

Due to the importance of Leafcutter food, our food will be dispatched within 1 working day of ordering and will not be affected by our Monday-Wednesday shipping times. We have these on hand to get in the post to you. 


These organic flowers are grown and dried in Wales, organically, making them safe for your beloved pets to consume and build fungus with.


It is advisable to feed fresh leaves first and foremost with dried foods as a "treat/secondary" food. This is because the sap of a tree or plant, found in its leaves provides workers with much needed carbs and it is consumed while cutting and processing the leaves. Dried food can lack this so must be used as part of a balanced diet.


Our selection is ever changing, we offer whatever flowers are in season at the nurseries so the drop-down list is where your selection can be made.



Organic Dried Flowers