Prepared Cork Test Tubes

Simple but efficient


Plastic 150mm x 17mm test tubes.


Standard test tubes are fine for most applications, but if you have species which like humidity gradients then cork inserts can be useful.


  • Plastic Test Tube
  • Pre-Filled with the finest Welsh spring water from Brecon
  • Organic Cotton
  • Cork inserts pre installed with 7mm inner diameter hole. (1 or 2 depending on selection)


Double Cork

The double is perfect for Harvester species, it provides places away from the moist cotton to store seeds and reduce seed gemination while in the tube. (although it may not stop it completely it proves helpful). The cork also creates a nice gradient for moisture.


Single Cork

Here we now use these for carpenter ants of all kinds, the colony can move brood, get their wood like feel and have a distinctive entrance to the queens chamber making the trash and rubbish area clear for the ants.

Prepared Cork Test Tubes

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