Mixed Seeds.

New and improved recipe!


You can thank us later for this rapid growth seed mix, well your colony will thank you. If you do not think seeds are something to shout about then this may appear a little strange but THESE SEEDS ARE A MUST for your colony.


To ensure your colonies seeds do not contain any mites or other nasties, we do not use "Bird or Animal seed". Instead we use organic seeds made for human consumption.  Thats right, you can pour these on your food and enjoy them too if you feel you want too!


recommended for colonies exceeding 50 workers


Here we have blended a perfect mix of organic seeds providing a balanced nutiritional intake for your Harvester ants (or other species that also enjoy seeds). 


With Grains, Oats, Seeds and Fruit this single mix can provide a great, diverse meal for your Harvesters.


10 Seeds Grains & Fruits in one Super Mix

Organic Red Quinoa

Organic White Quinoa

Organic Black Quinoa

Organic Sunflower Seed

Organic Golden Linseed (Flaxseed)

Organic Brown Linseed

Organic Pumpkin Seed

Organic Whole Chia Seed

Organic Oats

Organic Dried Diced Mango


Seeds Mix

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  • This ensures a level of Quality that makes them mite free. We avoid "bird or animal seeds here!"