Esthetic Ants - Small Nest


The Small nest works perfectly as a nest for small species or as a founding chamber for larger ones. Designed by Esthetic Ants himself and manufactured in the UK, this nest is made using the highest quality 3d printing techniques and components.

• The nest dimensions are 70 x 50 x 20 mm (l x w x h)
• 2 natural shape chambers
• High quality melamine sponge to hold water longer.
• Escape proof mesh
• Clearview acrylic securely fixed with screws (can be easily removed if needed).
• 9 mm or 14mm access port for easy connection.
• Watering hole on the back of the nest to help prevent evaporation.



With the exception of micro species like Solenopsis Fugax this nest is suitable for most species which are 2mm+ in size. If you have any questions on your species and their compatability with this nest then please do drop us a message to confirm.

Our worker extimates are based on Lasius Niger size, this nest should hold around 50 to 150 niger workers.