Sugar. Your ants love it! they need it!


Let your ants enjoy a LIMITED EDITION, Seasonal Treat. 



10ml of Summer Snaps, the wonderful sticky treat of Twisted Icecream in a gaster changing Yellow.

10ml of Slushie Snaps, the cool blue raspberry iced drink sure to add colour to your colony.


Are your ants in Hibernation? Pick some up anyway and wake them up with a breakfast to remember!


We have developed the perfect treat for them to have and enjoy (part of a well balanced diet of course). This irresistable mix of ingredients will have your ants wanting more and more.


Super thick snaps work well as treat when using just a single drop, providing staggering amounts of sugar and carbs for your ants. For regular use it can be mixed with water, just 10-15 drops per 10ml of water is plenty enough for a fortified sugar water.



Sugar snaps is not just sugar, it provides key nutrients to your little friends too, included in every bottle is;

Trace Minerals

providing all of the Minerals your ants need


Sweet thick sugar which releases its energy quickly for a boost.


A Slow energy releasing natural sugar which aids long term enery levels


Pure clean conductive solution from salt which aids water retention

Vitamin B2

Riboflavin is used to help insects process and break down sugars, proteins, fats and carbohydrates

Vitamin B4

Supports cells motabolism

Vitamin B5

Pantothenic Acid is a key nutrient which supports neurotransmition in ants


Dont forget the organic flavourings


We use an organic, human food colouring. It is a Yellow / Blue colouring, dont worry it's safe for ants too!


NB: this product does contain a fermentation inhibitor, it is completely safe and only in tiny doses. Sugar fermentation is dangerous to ants so using a fermentation inhibitor extends the usable life of the product without risk.

Summer Snaps Pack

PriceFrom £4.99
  • Apply a drop as a tasty treat OR add 10 to 15 drops per 10ml of mineral water.

    Once place with your ants remove after 72 hours and replace.

    Shelf life of 12 months, once opened keep chilled and use within 3 months.

    Keep out of reach of children (although not dangerous it contains high levels of sugars and glucose and will send them crazy)