Ahhh no! This is sad.


We know, we get it! Sometimes we can no longer look after our pets and as heartbreaking as it is we need to find them new homes.

Whatever you do, DO NOT release your colony into the wild without checking with whoever sold them to you BEFORE you open the door to do it. This is crucial because you will be breaking the law if you release a non native species! But it is so much worse than that, a species our fragile ecosystem is not expecting will tip the delicate balance of survival over the edge... literally. The damage would be insane to the surrounding area.

If you are giving up a colony we can send you our ownership transfer form (This is required for Exotic colonies as we have a legal duty to keep and record a record of where colonies are from and where they are sent).

We can try to help.

Giving up a colony purchased from us - Simply send them back to us, you will need to arrange transport or pay postage but we will take them in and find them a new home, or keep them for our store. Regrettably, we can not purchase a colony back from you and whatever you send, whatever they arrive with becomes ours too. This said we cannot return any nests, containers or out-worlds. 

Giving up a colony NOT purchased from us - Sometimes we can take these too. Although we can not purchase them you drop us an email and we will do our best to help you out with adoption.

Looking for a colony Naturally you could buy a "Fresh Queen" , however sometimes people have ready made colonies they can no longer love. You could try contacting suppliers and get onto a waiting list for such a colony, or email us. Check out your local Gumtree | Craigslist too.

The Ant Hotel - Coming soon, we plan to house colonies for people who need to take an extended holiday, right here in our ant hotel.

Need to get in touch? - Just fill out the form below and we will contact you for more into.

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