Ant Antics and Ant Ethics

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We here follow some very simple principles of antkeeping which is for the benefit of the ants. We support the #wedontapprove movement which aims to stop the atrocities in antkeeping and public (online) glorification.



If you would like to visit the person who started this movement then we can assure you their channel is worth the visit.

Click their image above.

We as a company say NO to;


Gel Ant Farms

We say NO to gel ant farms. Originally designed by NASA to test worker ants in Zero gravity, they have no place in providing the correct conditions for your queen to thrive and ultimately they will send your lovely colony to their demise.

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Live Feeding

Unfortunately the glorification of live feeding in the online community is becoming unbearable for us. It is heart-breaking to see species subject to this for entertainment and needs to be stopped. You can help by putting the #wedontapprove on the post as you see it.

Ant Wars

We are seeing an increasing number of posts and content where people are actually raising colonies to let them fight between themselves. This is completely barbaric and we most certainly do not approve of it. Please keep your ants responsibly, they are your pets, family members and require your care. Care is not setting them in a fight with another colony.

Colony Theft (Digging)

Digging a colony from their home to sell is a common practice and we do not support it.

Whatever the excuse people make to justify it, we have one motto here, it is NEVER ok to rip a colony from their home.

It has many problems too;

  • You never really know the colonies age

  • it is cruel

  • We wouldnt take a mother duck and a few ducklings while leaving some in the pond, why would anyone take a colony and leave workers behind?

  • it is destructive

  • it can impact micro-ecosystems and tip balance.


We raise all of our colonies from fresh queens or we purchase them as colonies from fresh queens. Our suppliers do not dig colonies and we have checks in place to vet new suppliers to make sure that is the case. 

When buying a colony, always ask your seller "Is my colony from a fresh queen"


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