New to antkeeping?



Welcome to the world of Ant-Keeping. Keeping pet ants is a growing hobby, one full of excitement and reward. It is super easy to get started too.



Get your queen/colony and feed them proteins & sugars bi-weekly


Keep them in their test tube somewhere dark until 30-60+ workers. Be Patient


Move them into the right size nest for the colony.

Keeping pet ants is pretty amazing as a hobby. You can learn directly from nature with the most organised critters on the planet. Unlike us humans, ants are selfless and live only for the common goal. With the right care and love you can see your colony bursting with egar workers ready for exploration.

Starting Species

Starting is the hardest part. We have so many latin names to learn! Dont worry though as you will quickly get to grips with it. The suggested beginner species to keep are native to the UK, easy and forgiving to grow and are also extremely fun to watch. Choosing one of the species below are what we recommend for a brand new keeper.